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Project Bid Administration

Click To Enlarge A&I Reprographics is pleased to provide unsurpassed bid administration services for municipal agencies, school districts, architects and GC’s. Our staff understands that each project is unique and its individual characteristics must be addressed in an appropriate manner. That’s why we’ve made this service customizable to your specific project requirements and will include any or all of the following elements:

  • ITB – Invitation to bid announcements; NTB – Notice to bidder announcements; NTC – Notice to contractors announcements

  • DFS secure web-based project plan viewing and ordering

  • Digital plan archiving

  • Broadcast fax and email communications

  • Distribution of bid documents via hard copy or digital file

  • Bidder registration and tracking

  • Automatic addenda distribution

  • Collect and report proof of delivery information

  • Create, maintain and publish plan holders list and plan distribution data

  • Third part billing

  • Direct billing to GC’s and subs

  • Bid set deposit check management

Our team will work with you to coordinate every aspect of distributing the project documents via hard copy or digital download. In addition, we offer a number of ways to collect and report information related to document submittal history, order history, document distribution, plan holders list and plan holders activity. This information can be made available to your project team or the project community at large on a 24/7 basis via our ReproMAX DFS web-based project plan rooms.

Take a peek at what’s active now by clicking the View Public Projects link on our DFS Site.

An Introduction to BidMail and DFS

Mobility construction worker Collectively, our staff has decades of experience managing and distributing construction documents.  We’ve established operational standards and invested in leading technology to make bid management, document management and distribution as simple and accurate as possible. Whether you send us hard copy or digital originals, A&I Reprographics’ document management specialists will collect, organize and post your construction documents on a local database and make them available to you, your consultants, gc’s, subs via the web.

What do BidMail and DFS offer?

  • Project documents available 24/7/365 via the web

  • Invitation to bid and custom notifications

  • One click ordering of bid documents

  • Integration with online takeoff tools

  • Know which documents are the most current

  • Import and organize contact lists, then create distribution lists

  • Reduce costly mistakes generated by contractors using out-of-date plans

  • Find, view, order, print, or download the project documents

  • Retain history of documents for inevitable post-construction litigation

DFS Document Management

DFS is designed to meet the needs of all the members of your Project Team. It is a full-featured document management and document fulfillment system that is made especially for the construction industry. It allows you to store and organize your documents and display them online for quick and easy access. DFS was made to store every document that pertains to a project. You can store Plans, Specs, Warranties, MSDS’s, Photos, RFI’s, Meeting Minutes, Excel Spreadsheets, Project Schedules and any other type of electronic file. DFS is a document management system that has full version control. When a document comes into the system, it stays in the system. No document is ever deleted or overwritten. This gives you a complete archive of every document that pertains to the project. You'll know when a document has been brought into the system, when it has been changed, and when it has been accessed by other people.

BidMail Bid and Document Management

BidMail was created by Estimators for Estimators. Backed by thirty years of experience, BidMail was designed to be the best estimating software available. BidMail allows the GC to create and manage their database of subcontractors and suppliers by type and trade. BidMail allows the GC to organize and manage the project documents to correspond with the trades, thereby, automating the task of matching subs with their trade-specific bid packages. BidMail’s Invitation to Bid (ITB) process manages all of the functions of soliciting bids, tracking responses and distributing project documents via hard copy or digital download.

Meet the Team

Since 1965, our team has been devoted to customizing our services to suit your business’ requirements. Learn more about the A&I Reprographics team, and see why our clients choose us first!